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Tademark Registration

Rs. 1499 /-

Consultancy fees

In today`s competitive market, it is important to distinguish your products & services from Others. Trademarks and brands are great tools for creating product differentiation from your competitors and retaining your customers.

Documents Required For GST Registration

Copy of Logo (Optional)
Signed Form-48.
Incorporation Certificate or Partnership Deed.
Identity Proof of Signatory.
Address Proof of Signatory.
Use of TM symbol : Once your trademark application is filed you can use the TM symbol on your logo stating that it is a registered trademark and no one can use the same trademark.
Use symbol of Once your trademark is registered you can use the ® symbol on your logo stating that it is a registered trademark and no one can use the same trademark.
You can enjoy sole ownership : Once your trademark is Registered, You can have exclusive right over the trademark. The owner can use the same for all the products falling under the class they applied.
You can have right to sue : The owner can stop other from the unauthorised use of the Trademark under the same class where it is registered. It gives the right to sue the unauthorized user of the Trademark Registered.
You can enjoy Goodwill :Customer know your product and services through the trademark and which establishes trust and goodwill among them in market. It helps in retaining customers who are loyal and always opt for the same brand.
Customer can easily find your product :It makes easy for customers to find your products. It makes identity of products different from that of the existing product.
Protect your business at low cost :Trademark can be applied at very low . Once you register the trademark you have to just pay the maintenance cost and renewal cost which is after 10 years of registering the trademark. It is cost efficient and helps your company create an unique image.

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